Transaction Books:

April 7, 2008

Since the Constitution of The Lodge of Research on the 30th September 1914, the papers presented at the various Stated Communication Meetings of the Lodge have been collated and printed in a succession of Transaction Books and Booklets.

Although many of the earlier publications are out of print, a number of Transaction Books are available from stock. The list given below was current at the time of the last update of this page and availability must be verified before placing a purchase Order.

Available Transaction Books:

Title Cost
Vol. 4:  1924, edited by Philip Crossle (1931)     *  
Vol. 5:  1925, edited by Philip Crossle (1933)     *  
Vol. 13: 1949-1957   4.50  
Vol. 15: 1963-1968, edited by R. E. Parkinson (1970)   4.50  
Vol. 16: 1969-1975   4.50  
Vol. 17: 1976-1981. edited by Wm. O'Brien (1982)   4.50  
Vol. 18: 1982-1984, edited by George Power (1985)   4.50  
Vol. 19: 1985-1986, edited by George Power (1987)   4.50  
Supplement Vol. A -1985: Papers selected by George Power.   4.50  
Supplement Vol. B -1986: Papers selected by George Power.   4.50  
Vol. 20: 1987-1988, edited by George Power (1989)   6.00  
Vol. 21: 1989-1990, edited by George Power (1991)   6.00  
Vol. 22: 1991-1993, edited by Victor McCaughan (1994)   8.00  
Vol. 23: 1994-1995, edited by Robert Bashford (2001)   8.00  
Vol. 24: 1996-1998, edited by Robert Bashford (2000)   8.00  
Vol. 25: 1999-2002, edited by Robert Bashford (2007)   10.00  

* :- Volumes 4 and 5 are out of print.

Lodge of Research No. CC Jewels and Neck Ties:

Item Cost
Jewel with blue Lapel Ribbon:                                                   15.00  
Membership Neck Tie:     8.00  

Papers read at Lodge:

Copies of all papers read at all Communications of the Lodge can be obtained by making application to the W. Bro. Secretary, unless otherwise noted.

Click here for an Index of available papers.

January 12th. 2008

"Freemasonry in Ghana" by V. Bro. Kwesi Ackah (P.M.)

March 22nd. 2008

A paper by W. Bro. M. Jackson on a variety of subjects, and linking them to Freemasonry, included in this were many local geographical locations . The second part concerned a very old "pierced Jewel" which may pre date the Grand Loge era.

September 27th. 2008

The third in a series of "Power Point Presentation" by W. Bro. C. Mc. Clintock outlining his theroies on the origins of the Order and Astromony. As this will form part of a number of books Chris is writing, no copies of the Paper are available.

November 22nd. 2008

Paper by W. Bro. Montgomery "The histoy of Carnlough Masonic Lodge No. 216. Good local history and topology.

February 14th. 2009

Paper by W. Bro. D. Mc Grew. "Lodges in the Omagh Area" This is a very detailed listing of all the Craft Lodges in the various towlands in the Omagh area. ( W. Bro. Mc Grew has also complied a list of the Chapters in the same area)

May 2nd. 2009

A Paper "Fremasonry in the City of Newry" written by Rt. W. Bro. R. Bashford, which was read by the W. Bro. Srcretary, this was to mark the 250 aniversary of Union Lodge No. 23.    The Paper was a most interesting one not only dealing with the history of Lodge No. 23 but the two other Lodges in the City, No.77 (St. Patrick's the oldest lodge in Ulster) and No. 696 (Annalong).   There were many extracts from minute books and local newspapers which showed that The Brethren of the "Mystic Tie" knew not only how to adapt to changing social conditions but also how to enjoy themselves.


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