The history of the Lodge of Research CC, Ireland:

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May 7, 2008

Warrant 200 was originally issued by the Grand Lodge of Ireland in October 4th 1749 to Muff (i.e. Eglinton), Co. Londonderry. The Lodge worked under that Warrant until May 13th 1801, when the Warrant was handed over to the Monaghan Militia, settled at Glaslough, Co. Monaghan, who worked successfully up to 1822. However, in 1826 the Lodge had ceased working and the Warrant was called in and cancelled by Grand Lodge on July 6th 1826.

On June 20th 1827, No. 200 was reissued on a Warrant to Glenwherry, Ballymena, Co. Antrim (In lieu of No. 1006), where it worked until 1847, when the Warrant was called in by Grand Lodge and cancelled on October 7th 1847. No. 200 was next seen on a Warrant issued to Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, dated February 16th 1850, but was sent back, in trust, to Grand Lodge on January 28th 1858.

Star of the West Lodge at Perth, Western Australia, was allotted the number 200 on its Warrant of December 5th 1896. This Lodge worked very successfully till the establishment of the Grand Lodge of Western Australia, and on June 8th 1911, the Warrant was surrendered and called in when the Lodge obtained a Warrant issued by the Colonial Grand Lodge.

On March 12th 1914, Warrant No. 200 was issued to 'The Lodge of Research' for the association of Installed Masters who are subscribing Members of Lodges under the Irish Constitution, to provide a centre affording encouragement to Brethren interested in Masonic research. The Lodge was formally constituted on September 30th 1914 by the Most Worshipful the Grand Master, Lord Donoughmore, in person.