Future Events in the Calendar of the Lodge of Research CC:

Updated January 12, 2018

The next Meeting of the Lodge of Research CC will take place at the venue given below.   All full members of the Lodge of Research and Members of the Lodge CC Correspondence Circle may attend the Open Meeting of the Lodge.

Visiting Master Masons, who are members of Lodges of the Irish Constitution, or of any Constitution recognised by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, particularly those interested in joining the Lodge of Research CC, are most welcome as guests, and providing that they are personnaly vouched by a Full Member of the Lodge of Research CC.

Sat. 21st September 2018: Lodge 234

Held within the Masonic Province of Muster,
Provical Grand Lodge of Muster

Freemasons’ Hall,
21 – 25 Tuckey Street,

Management Committee Meeting shall be held in the Lodge Room, commencing at 12-30 pm.
It is important all committee members are required to attend this meeting, non attendance must be supported by a written apology.

Directly following the Management Committee meeting;
Lodge 200 Stated Communication shall commence at 14-00 hrs (2pm) within the Lodge Room.

All members are responisable for booking of Hotels, meals and payment of all of invoices occurred between Friday 20th September – 21st September 2018. Treasurer of the lodge is seeking hotels which are available and the best value for money deals.

For the third Stated Communication of Lodge 200 this year, on Saturday 21st September 2018, at Cork Freemasons Hall; in reviewing the Hotels in the area near the Hall to obtain the best possisable value for the membership of the lodge, it is considered that “The Kingsley Hotel”, is the best value by far. This hotel has a lesure centre for those who wishing to avail themselves of it's use.
Rates per night:-
1. Single Room – per night includes bearkfast €150
2. Double / twin – per night includes bearkfast €165

The hotel is approxminably 5 minsutes from Tuckey St, Freemasons’ Hall, Cork by Taxi.
To ensure that suitable and sufficent rooms are available during the time of our meeting; it is necessary to supply the Hotel with the number of people, types of rooms and the period of time the rooms are required; also of any special needs necessary?
Accordingly, please inform the Treasurer of:-
1. Members of your family
2. Number of Visitors attending with you (Not Family)
3. Number of Nights Required
4. Type of Room Required (e.g. Single or Double/Twin)

A quick response with your details will be necessary to enable notification to be given to the Hotel of the number and type of rooms required. Remember, the hotel may require a small deposit to be paid before arrival with the full amount paid on the day of arrival.
When booking rooms:-
Please ensure, that you make referance to Lodge of Research 200 or Lodge 200; if anyone does not make this referance, the cost of the rooms will be charged at the hotel’s normal rates, which are a lot higher; against the costs shown in emails and on this Web-site. Lodge 200 managed to obtain a discount for the membership, thefore it is import to make reference to Lodge 200 or Lodge of Research 200.

Of course members, if they wish to do so, can seek alternative accommodation via the Internet.

Important Notice
Lodge of Research 200; is not responisable for paying invoices inoccurred by the members of the Lodge, or of any famialy members and members guests.
All members, famialy members and guests are responisable for paying their own invoices.

Arrangements has been made for providing a Festive Board within the large dinning room of the Freemasons Hall, directly after the meeting; those who intend to stay for the Festive Board, please inform the Lodge Treasurer W Bro Ian MacIntyre no later than by 12th September 2018. No name on the list, in simple terms “No Name -- No Meal”.
Note – Anyone with special requirements e.g. Vegetarian,Vegan or other special needs must provide details to the Lodge Treasurer W. Bro. Ian MacIntyre. Whereby; anyone’s name is shown on the festive board list, does not attend the festive board, in these circumstances, Lodge Treasurer W. Bro. Ian MacIntyre, will be seeking to be repaid the cost of the meal from those concerned.
Menu on the day will be:-
Soup (Vegetable), selection of Sandwiches , Coffee / Tea or Glass of wine & biscuits.
Total Cost €12 per head.

Please contact the Lodge Treasurer, if any further information is required, contact details for the Treasurer are:-

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Ian McIntyre, 8 Century Street, Belfast, BT14 7BU, Northern Ireland. Tel. :  0044 (0) 2890-756195 Mob. 07783990007 e-mail :  ianl200.treasurer20@yahoo.com  or safety.officer@btopenworld.com