Future Events in the Calendar of the Lodge of Research CC:

Updated December 13, 2019

The next Meeting of the Lodge of Research CC will take place at the venue given below.   All full members of the Lodge of Research and Members of the Lodge CC Correspondence Circle may attend the Open Meeting of the Lodge.

Visiting Master Masons, who are members of Lodges of the Irish Constitution, or of any Constitution recognised by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, particularly those interested in joining the Lodge of Research CC, are most welcome as guests, and providing that they are personnaly vouched by a Full Member of the Lodge of Research CC.

Sat. 8th February 2020

Molesworth Street, Dublin for Installation meeting.

Lodge of Research 200 (Ireland) Stated Communication to be held on the 2nd Saturday of February 2020, within the Freemasons Hall, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2.

The Lodge elected Management Committee Members are required to attend the committee meeting at 12-30hrs, within the Mark Master Mason room.

Travel Arrangements (Enterprise Trains)

Considering over the past couple of years and the lack usage of the coach by the Lodge of Research 200 members, transport arrangements will not be provided by Lodge 200.

To assist those members wishing to attend the stated communication in February, the following for travelling by train from Belfast “Lanyon Place” (formerly Belfast Centre) to Dublin Connolly Rail Station, shown in the following text;

Lanyon Place – Depart 08-00am or 10-35am
Dublin Connolly – Arriving 10-05am or 11-08am

Dunlin Connolly Depart 15-20pm or 16-50pm
Lanyon Place - Arriving 17-29pm or 19-05pm

The enterprise train in both directions provide catering & Trolley services on both set of times shown; information provided is correct at the time of posting. Therefore; it is strongly recommended that those travelling by Train from Belfast double check on the times before heading for the rail station.

Travel Arrangements (Luas Small Rail Service)

Upon arrival at Dublin Connelly Rail Station; the Luas small rail service is available; the Luas is located below the main rail station refer to the picture.

Suggested Objects

1. Take the RED LINE at Connolly Station to Abbey Street. Cost €2.10 single or €3.70 return.

2. Then take the GREEN LINE at Marlborough Street to Dawson Street. Cost €2.10 single or €3.70 return.

3. Take a Taxi from Connolly Station to Grand Lodge approximately cost between €8 - €10 euros

4. Anyone travelling to the meeting, by car let other members know if you are willing to take them.

5. Walk to Grand Lodge takes approximately 30 – 40 minutes

Note: It is believed that those members entitled to travel on the Enterprise Trains free of charge, the same conditions also apply for the Luas small rail service; members are advise seek advise before boarding the Luas if they are entitled to travel free with their current Northern Ireland passes.

Please contact the Lodge Treasurer, if any further information is required, contact details for the Treasurer are:-

Future Meetings:

Sat. 25th April 2020:

Ashfield 795 and Bailiebourgh 796 meeting in Cootehill.

Sat. 26th Sept. 2018: T.B.A.

Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Ian McIntyre,
8 Century Street, Belfast, BT14 7BU, Northern Ireland.
Tel. :  0044 (0) 2890-756195 Mob. 07783990007
e-mail :  ianl200.treasurer20@yahoo.com