Future Events in the Calendar of the Lodge of Research CC:

Updated September 11, 2017

The next Meeting of the Lodge of Research CC will take place at the venue given below.   All full members of the Lodge of Research and Members of the Lodge CC Correspondence Circle may attend the Open Meeting of the Lodge.

Visiting Master Masons, who are members of Lodges of the Irish Constitution, or of any Constitution recognised by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, particularly those interested in joining the Lodge of Research CC, are most welcome as guests, and providing that they are personnaly vouched by a Full Member of the Lodge of Research CC.

Masonic Province of Provincial Grand Lodge of Down
Sat. 25th November 2017:
Hillsborough, Masonic Hall

Lodge 66 of Kilwarlin
Hillsborough Masonic Hall,
Lisburn Road,
Co. Down.

Management Committee Meeting Starts 13.00hrs.
Lodge Meeting 14.00hrs

For Dinner Reservations, please contact the Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Ian McIntyre, 8 Century Street, Belfast, BT14 7BU, Northern Ireland. Tel. :  0044 (0) 2890-756195 Mob. 07783990007 e-mail :  safety.officer@btopenworld.com

Future Meetings:

Sat. 11th Feb. 2018: Molesworth Street, Dublin

Freemasons' Hall
17 - 19 Molesworth Street,
Dublin 2,

Management Committee Meeting Starts 13.00hrs.
Lodge Meeting 14.00hrs
Installation of Officers.

For coach Reservations, please contact the Hon. Treasurer, details above.

Update on the Use of Standing Orders for Payment of Lodge Dues:

Brethren, Can we ask you once again, if you pay your dues by Standing Order to contact your Bank and ensure that the amount being paid by the Bank is E23.00 Euros & £20 pounds Sterling? You may need to sign a further Standing Order mandate with this Dues amount (currently £20.00 poundsí sterling or E23 euros) on it. Unfortunately, there are several Brethren who are still only paying their Dues at the old £ 15.00 poundsí sterling or e15.54 euros rate, which was increased by the Lodge back in 2013 to the current annual rate of £20.00 sterling & E23.00 a year.
This means that several Brethren, are recorded in the Lodge records as being in arrears, which could affect them, when we issue our next set of Transactions, or if they were coming forward for election to The Management Committee or for Office in the Lodge.
We in the committee work hard to minimise our expenses to the Lodge and still provide a good service to you the Member. And to continue to provide this service, including publication of our next set of Transactions, we need our membership to pay their Dues, in full in a prompt and timely manner. We fully understand that this problem is with the Banks and their systems, but the Nett result is that it does have a knock-on effect on the income flow of the Lodge. So once again, we would ask you to check your bank statements and see if the Banks are paying the proper Dues of £ 20.00 sterling, or E23 euros if they are only paying the £15.00 or E15.54 amount. Your help in solving this matter will be gratefully appreciated.


Brethren, we would seek your assistance, as our eyes and ears, in your home district, to keep us advised when other local members fall ill, or indeed pass on to The Grand Lodge above. On a few occasions, recently, we have sent out circulars and other correspondence to the families of deceased Brethren, only because we have never had any notification that these Brethren had deceased. We in the administration, find this to be very embarrassing, and then we have got to write back again and apologise that we were not aware of the Brother's death. Not an ideal situation for either us or the Brother's family. So, if you hear of one of our Members being ill, or indeed dying, then we would greatly appreciate an e-mail to our dedicated Lodge e-mail address - irishfreemasonry@gmail.com

Irish Websites of Interest to Members of The Irish Lodge of Research:

Our Worshipful Brother Treasurer is currently working with our IT Team on refreshing and updating the Lodge website. In the meantime, we would draw your attention to two other dedicated Masonic websites, based on the history, traditions and symbolism of The Irish Constitutions. These sites can be found at: -

And in conclusion, we are always interested to learn of any interesting or unusual aspects of Masonic history involving Members or Lodges in the Irish Constitution, and again would invite you to let us know about them, by contacting our secretary.

The Hon. Secretary: Mr. Robert Bashford 69 Pharis Road, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim, BT53 8JU Mob 07764404762