Future Events in the Calendar of the Lodge of Research CC:

Updated January 12, 2018

The next Meeting of the Lodge of Research CC will take place at the venue given below.   All full members of the Lodge of Research and Members of the Lodge CC Correspondence Circle may attend the Open Meeting of the Lodge.

Visiting Master Masons, who are members of Lodges of the Irish Constitution, or of any Constitution recognised by the Grand Lodge of Ireland, particularly those interested in joining the Lodge of Research CC, are most welcome as guests, and providing that they are personnaly vouched by a Full Member of the Lodge of Research CC.

Sat. 28th April 2018: St. John Lodge 134

St. John Lodge 134
Freemasons Hall,
19 Windsor Avenue,
Co. Armagh,
BT67 9BG

Management Committee Meeting Starts 13.00hrs.
Lodge Meeting 14.00hrs

Reservations for the Festive Board must be booked by Wednesday before the stated communication by contacting the Treasurer of the Lodge, details above. This enables the Treasurer to provide the caterer with the number of members attending in suitable and sufficient time.

Anyone whose name does not appear on the dinner reservation form after Wednesday will not be entitled to a meal at the festive board.