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Update on the Use of Standing Orders for Payment of Lodge Dues:

Brethren, Can we ask you once again, if you pay your dues by Standing Order to contact your Bank and ensure that the amount being paid by the Bank is E23.00 Euros & £20 pounds Sterling? You may need to sign a further Standing Order mandate with this Dues amount (currently £20.00 pounds’ sterling or E23 euros) on it. Unfortunately, there are several Brethren who are still only paying their Dues at the old £ 15.00 pounds’ sterling or e15.54 euros rate, which was increased by the Lodge back in 2013 to the current annual rate of £20.00 sterling & E23.00 a year.
This means that several Brethren, are recorded in the Lodge records as being in arrears, which could affect them, when we issue our next set of Transactions, or if they were coming forward for election to The Management Committee or for Office in the Lodge.
We in the committee work hard to minimise our expenses to the Lodge and still provide a good service to you the Member. And to continue to provide this service, including publication of our next set of Transactions, we need our membership to pay their Dues, in full in a prompt and timely manner. We fully understand that this problem is with the Banks and their systems, but the Nett result is that it does have a knock-on effect on the income flow of the Lodge. So once again, we would ask you to check your bank statements and see if the Banks are paying the proper Dues of £ 20.00 sterling, or E23 euros if they are only paying the £15.00 or E15.54 amount. Your help in solving this matter will be gratefully appreciated.

"The Masonic Trowel."

A Paper Presented by W. Bro. Aiden McDonald of Lodge 234 in Cork, at his Installation into the chair of Lodge 200 on 10th february 2018 at Freemason's Hall, Molesworth Street, Dublin.

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